Ángel Exposito: Lampedusa, Lesbos and the Canary Islands

Updated:11/22/2020 00: 37h


My friend Vasilis Morfakidis warns me about what has already been experienced in Greece, in those beastly camps on Lesbos, and how the pressure from Turkey was solved (until further notice) with millions of euros.

Well, now let’s substitute Greece for Spain and Lesbos for the Canary Islands … change Turkey for Morocco and don’t forget the “vergogna” of Lampedusa.

In these, that Podemos returns with the self-determination of the Sahara. Thank you Pablo Iglesias for your umpteenth betrayal and thank you Pedro Sánchez for putting this man and his subjects in the Government.

In full carajal I recover a headline from December 2019 on ABC. Signature Javier Alonso Rodríguez: «Morocco gives Spain a pulse by delimiting the Canary Islands as waters

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