Ángeles Blanco, Vicente Vallés’s wife, surprises speaking off-camera

The well-known journalist from Telecinco, Ángeles Blanco and presenter of the weekend news together with José Ribagorda, has taken advantage of their social networks to send a message to the current president of the government, Pedro Sánchez. An opportunity that he did not want to miss to make a request to the leader of the socialist formation, regarding a decision that has been taken outside the Spanish borders, specifically in the territory of the United Kingdom.

At the moment, both Spain and the rest of the countries are waiting in suspense for the triggers and as well as the fourth wave of covid-19 that is so popular by many experts. A fourth wave that could arrive at any time produced as a result of the rise in cases and other decisive points such as hospital pressure in recent days.

Both the new rise in the number of cases, as well as the situations and aggravations that are taking place in the middle of the vaccination process, occur at a key moment for citizens, since the vaccination campaign itself is trying to take the maximum possible speed to achieve the objectives set by the different governments.

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The keys to the global pandemic

These days, the reality is that one of the most forceful and key restrictive measures to try to curb the incidence rate of infections, revolves around the mobility of people both in Spain and outside the country.

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Although it is true that, in recent months, several countries have decided to be more restrictive and toughen their measures, which is why they have opted for perimeter closures, curfews and other limitations aimed at different sectors such as the hospitality industry to minimize social contact and the spread of the virus through the displacements that this entails.

Even so, and even complying with all the aforementioned in terms of restrictions, one of the main weapons to fight against the current pandemic of the coronavirus it has to do with the development of medical tests to detect contagions.

There are many health specialists who have requested on different occasions that this type of tests be carried out on a massive scale. This is the case of Dr. César Carballo. The reality is that for now this measure has not been adopted to its full extent and is causing quite a stir.

For its part, in the United Kingdom it has been announced that the government Currently led by Boris Johnson, it will offer two free tests a week to detect the covid-19 virus to all citizens. Very necessary tests and that in any case will be accessible to asymptomatic people, who represent one in three infections.

On the other hand, and added to this good news in the flat pandemic worldwide, London has reported that on April 12 in England, commercial establishments, hairdressers and gyms will reopen as part of the de-escalation, following, of course, the necessary recommendation measures set out by the authorities.

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Pleasant news for all the citizens of the area, which, among all, has made it one of the countries with the best vaccination rate, but also one of the most affected after the appearance of the dangerous British strain.

The message of Ángeles Blanco to the Government of Sánchez

This information is what the journalist has captured in a post on her Twitter account and that she wanted to share with the president of the governmentPedro Sanchez, and so he mentioned, with a ‘good morning’. In short, and for the opinion of many, a gesture to Sánchez as a request to Moncloa to study the option of mass testing.

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