Aniceto Rosique, “proud” of the work of Arsenal staff against the virus

Rosique, who was received by the Admiral Commander of the Canary Islands Naval Command and head of Logistics Support in the Canary Islands, José Lago Ochoa and the head of the Las Palmas Arsenal and Captain of the Navy, Carlos Múgica Ruiz, said that he was “looking forward to visiting the Arsenal from Las Palmas above all to visit the city and get to know the environment here “, as well as to” recognize the work carried out by both the Admiral of the Canary Islands who is responsible for logistical support in the islands and the arsenal, as well as the staff ” .

The AJAL congratulates the population that goes out to work with courage despite the health crisis

In this sense, the AJAL stressed that they have to feel “proud”, since many of those inside Arsenal are Canaries “and, in the situation we have been in, they have not only managed to keep those affected by coronavirus to a minimum ”. He also applauded the responsibility they have had individually and collectively to avoid more infections.

“I appreciate the rectitude of the behavior that the staff has had to avoid contagion between them. The cases have been few and well controlled thanks to the awareness and good work of the entire crew “, stressed the chief admiral, while clarifying that we must not lower our guard and that it is” necessary “to continue with due precautions to continue with a good progression.

He also took the opportunity to congratulate them for their contribution in containing the pandemic through the Balmis Plan -which began with the State of Alarm decree as a result of Covid-19 and ended on June 20-, as well as their involvement in the Mission Baluarte -which consists of communicating with people who have tested positive to find out their state of health, if they are personnel at risk and how they acquire their food or medication-, “the trackers are doing a magnificent job,” insisted the AJAL.

“We will all win with the setback that Arsenal integrates to the capital,” says Múgica


Similarly, he highlighted the health support structure that the Canary Islands Navy has, especially the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit, which has been “key” to minimize the impact of the pandemic on endowments. In addition, he applauded that the personnel continue to work with ships and units of the Marine Infantry and Infrastructures to fulfill the missions of the Shock Plan, essential to maintain the Defense and Security of Spain.

The Arsenal de Las Palmas “despite being the smallest, has nothing to envy the rest,” said the admiral, as the efficiency of its personnel has been demonstrated. Rosique also took the opportunity to congratulate the Canarian population because, despite the pandemic, “she continues to go out with the spirit to work day after day.”

Arsenal setback

The AJAL expressed that its intention is “positive” compared to the proposal of the Capital City Council to use a part of the Arsenal land to expand the maritime park, but that they have to take into account that they affect buildings in which there are staff working and that are managing the legislative processes to relocate them in other areas of the enclosure. ”

We thank the authorities of the capital and its mayor, Augusto Hidalgo, for the good relations we have with them ”, he added. For his part, the head of Arsenal de Las Palmas, Carlos Múgica Ruiz, explained that they are in talks with the City Council to advance the Arsenal integration project in the city. “We are only finalizing the plan, the key aspect of which is that the Naval Museum is going to be open to the city and with that we all win, since we will make the naval history of the Navy in the Canary Islands available to the city. It is something that interests us all and we agree to get the best possible product, “he said. “The rest are technical details such as relocating the facilities that are affected,” concluded Múgica Ruiz.

Shooting exercises

On the other hand, the 94th Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment carried out the day before yesterday and yesterday from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm and from 9 pm to midnight several anti-aircraft shooting exercises with 35/90 cannon, according to Europa Press. These, which are within the Preparation Plan of the Army Units in Gran Canaria, took place at the Gacela shooting range located in the Maneuvering and Shooting Field (CMT) of La Isleta. The Army notified that these exercises are “essential” to comply with the training.

Image of the shooting exercises in La Isleta.


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