Anne Frank’s stepsister Eva Schloss claims Trump reminded her of Hitler

Eva Castle, Anne Frank’s half-sister and Holocaust survivor, has claimed that there are striking parallels between former US President Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

“You know, he’s been talking so much nonsense,” said Schloss, 91. in an interview to the American media The Daily Beast. “I have compared him to Hitler. I even heard that he studied Hitler’s speeches and things like that, so he obviously looked up to Hitler and just imitated him with his anti-Semitism. Muslims are hated too. This is what is so wrong with our society: white supremacy. We should all treat each other as equals. “

Schloss has also highlighted the rise in anti-Semitic hatred during the Trump presidency. In 2019, 2,107 anti-Semitic crimes occurred in the United States, the most since the Anti-Defamation League began tracking such attacks in 1979. The attacks included the gun killings of a man at a California synagogue, another at a kosher grocery store in New Jersey, and a stabbing in the city. home of a New York rabbi.

“Trump was not only against Jews, he was against Mexicans and many others,” said Schloss at the interview. “Final point, he was a racist. His son-in-law is Jewish and his daughter converted to Judaism ”.

Schloss, who now lives in London and is a writer and activist, was born in Vienna, where she fled when the Nazis occupied the city. She arrived in Amsterdam, where she lived near the apartment block where Anne Frank lived, two years younger than her, and they became friends until the Nazis forced them into hiding. In 1944 Schloss, his parents and his brother were discovered and transferred to the Westerbork concentration camp and, later, to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Only she and her mother survived. They both returned to Amsterdam, where her mother married Otto Frank, Anne’s father, and became her stepsister.

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Schloss has stressed that, unfortunately, prejudice and conspiracy theories against Jews “are nothing new”, and will persist, although he pointed out that other groups are also suffering racial attacks.

“I heard that in the United States the Asians are being attacked now all of a sudden,” he stressed. “We need to teach people that we are all human beings. It doesn’t matter what color or religion we are. We are all human beings and we should be treated equally ”.

“We are a single human race: different colors, different religions, different opinions, but all human beings should have the same opportunities,” he declared.

“We have to shake the hand of anyone who is racist and try to change people’s attitudes. But the Internet is dangerous, not just against Jews. Many terrible and incorrect messages are sent, and people no longer know what is true and what is false. ”

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