Another 45,533 cases and 1,243 deaths in GB

(ANSA) – LONDON, 12 GEN – The number of new infections and deaths from Covid in the UK remains alarming, favored by the higher transmissibility of the so-called English variant of the virus and boosted today also by the statistical recovery of the data collected partly at the end of the weekend

According to the day’s figures released by the Boris Johnson government, the infections registered in the last 24 hours were 45,533 compared to just over 46,000 last Monday, while the deaths went from 529 to 1,243, close to the absolute peak.

While the government announces a police offensive against violations of the closure

The update came on the sidelines of a new emergency briefing held today in Downing Street by Interior Minister Priti Patel, in the context of the multiplication of warnings about compliance with the national blockade, reintroduced in the country a week ago

Notices that translate into the announcement of greater police rigor and immediate fines to offenders in a situation in which it is still vital to report under control the infections that threaten to overwhelm hospitals again before the desired collective immunological effect of the Covid vaccination campaign launched on the island at an accelerated rate (more than 2.4 million people vaccinated) can be implemented in a few months

Patel stressed that the Kingdom is at a “crucial” moment in terms of the pandemic and the risk of overcrowding in the hospitals of the National Health Service (NHS)

Without announcing new measures and judging the current ones as “tough enough”, the minister later remarked that the police now have an indication to punish “more quickly those who do not do their part by clearly violating the rules” and the obligation to “stay in home except for a few limited “reasons

He was echoed by Martin Hewitt, of the Assistant Commissioner of the National Police Council, who pointed a finger at “a stubborn minority” that continues to refuse to comply.

Hewitt said the high fines had risen to 45,000, adding that the police did not intend to “apologize” for this increasing severity; while citing cases of people punished for organizing parties or group meetings, having tried to spend the parties for “business meetings” or not wanting to wear a mask on trains and public transport, behavior that he described as “dangerous” for others

A call to “respect the rules set by the government” during the briefing by Vin Diwakar, medical director of the NHS in London, who called the pandemic “the biggest emergency in the country since World War II”

Diwakar recalled that Covid is “a terrible disease”, even for not a few “young patients”

He then added that “there is hope” given the advance of vaccinations and the relief of high pressure on hospitals with the reopening of temporary structures such as the great Nightingale Hospital in London; but he insisted that for now everyone should behave as if they were “infected with Covid.” (ANSA)


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