Another very “Pro” smartphone from Xiaomi is here, the Mi 10T Pro!

When talking about Xiaomi, generally people usually think of a very good return on investment and a brand with a fairly large and loyal fan!

As we said before in TECHcetera, the numbers speak for themselves at the level of countries like Colombia and, it is natural that the average consumer is willingly accepting the brand’s proposals to a great extent, since Xiaomi is democratizing the benefits that, previously , were considered “high-premium” range (very high and priceless by the average citizen), leading to their own version of the high-end more affordable than those of the large “Flagships” on the market.

That is precisely the case of the Mi 10T Pro, a device that has incredible features but reaches the market at a fraction of the cost of the competition’s high-end terminals. Thus, the #MiFans will be able to take a team with “all the toys” with the usual good return on investment, since in Colombia it will be achieved very soon for an approximate value of $ 2,699,999 in Xiaomi stores, Sure, Mercado Libre, Movistar, Alkosto, Falabella and Éxito

At TECHcetera, we have already tested the Mi 10 and found it to be an IN-CRE-IBLE machine! It represents a good return on the investment, therefore, if you have not seen the review yet, it is best to visit it right now in order to understand the reason why the more “Pro” version generates so many expectations. of this device!

This article is just a “snack”, because we will be generating a series of notes about Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro but, for now, we are only going to tell you some of the surprises of this mobile that, so far, is reaching the Colombian market already many others from Latin America.

A curious fact, the Mi 10T Pro is not being marketed in China, it is a version developed for the European and American market!

What is interesting about the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro?

At first glance, the Xiaomi Mi 10 T Pro has a very clean design, with a bright and quite large 6.67 ″ IPS screen, Full HD + resolution, small bezels, a notch or “Notch” type “drop” and a configurable refresh rate. 144 Hz that gives the user the possibility to take advantage of the size and power of the screen very well.

At first impression of the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro it is very “Pro”!

Inside, the Mi 10T Pro has a very powerful processing, as is the case with the Snapdragon 865, accompanied by the 8 GB of LPDDR5 memory (very fast) RAM, a combination that behaves at the height of any situation and, on top of That is the integrated ultra-intuitive Artificial Intelligence that helps improve processing at the level of: the camera, energy management and even in video games (Snapdragon Elite Gaming). In addition, it is worth mentioning that it has a liquid cooling system (technology called LiquidCool) so that gamers can have a great time!

Mi 10T Pro con Qualcom 865

The ROM memory is 256 GB, which helps to avoid having to skimp on space (you can save everything). In addition to energy optimization through Artificial Intelligence, the Mi 10T Pro includes a powerful 5000 mAh battery that is very useful to achieve a charge for more than a day of use.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro con 5000 mAh

It includes a USB-C port for data synchronization and fast charging of 33 Watts that surprisingly manages to recharge 100% of such a 5000 mAh battery in approximately 59 minutes, which can be the salvation of those users who have little time or often forget to leave the smartphone charging before going to sleep.

At the connectivity level it has Bluetooth 5.1, GPS, infrared, NFC, all the benefits of WiFi 6 and up to 5G (for countries where the infrastructure supports this type of ultra-fast connection).

Wi-Fi 6

We save the best for last, the Mi 10T Pro not only has a 20 MP selfie camera but, the set of rear cameras is the one that steals the Show! It integrates a wide-angle sensor of nothing more and nothing less than 108 MP, an ultra-wide angle of 13MP and, finally, a depth of 5 MP. In combination, this camera arrangement is sufficient for the vast majority of mobile photography enthusiasts and users to document day-to-day situations without having to carry an external camera.

Beyond the specifications, we leave you with some examples of photos taken with the device as soon as we take it out of the box, so that each one can get an idea about the capabilities of that set of cameras with Artificial Intelligence.

This is the first view of the powerful Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro, but soon we will be publishing details about the experience, use cases and other information that a user may require before proceeding to buy a terminal.

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