Ansu Fati will undergo surgery again and will reappear with Barcelona until next season

BARCELONA – Ansu Fati will not play again this season with Barcelona. The suspicion about the problems with his recovery was fully confirmed in recent weeks and the young Barça forward, according to ESPN, will undergo surgery on his knee, removing the meniscus, to solve the joint problems that during the two Recent months have prevented him from moving forward in a recovery that has not progressed as expected.

Injured on November 7 during a game against Real Betis, Ansu underwent surgery two days later for a torn meniscus in the knee that ventured an estimated four-month loss period, but his recovery was not as expected and in January He underwent partial surgery again, without having the meniscus completely removed to avoid long-term joint problems.

With conservative therapy it was understood that he could be in a position to join training in mid-April and, hopefully, reappear in the final phase of the season, but as soon as the player began to force his knee in the gym, he confirmed that he was It was still inflaming and did not respond as expected, so in March, according to the club’s medical services, it decided to consult with external doctors to evaluate the way forward, solving a wait of between two and three weeks for, attending to this evolution, make a decision regarding a possible new intervention.

Visited in Lyon by the French specialist Bernard Cottet and in Spain by Dr. Antonio Maestro, he underwent a new arthroscopy after which this period was given to check a possible improvement. That did not happen.

Finally, the wait lasted for a little over a month, but in the last week of April Ansu shared with his closest friends his discomfort and concern because the knee did not respond to the workloads in the gym, which is why it was decided to change of protocol and to be intervened again, betting on a removal of the meniscus that will end the discomfort once and for all, revealed the newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

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The operation will cause the young forward, 18 years old, to remain out for about eight weeks, so in addition to not playing again, as was suspected, with Barça this season he is not in a position to enter any selection call. Spanish, either for the Eurocup or for the Olympic Games, awaiting his return to work at the beginning of the next preseason with the Barça club.


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