Embark on an "exciting opportunity with another gaming company".

Ben Irving, the main producer of Anthem (as well as a regular developer livestream spokesman and frequent spokesperson for the team), has announced his departure from BioWare after eight years.

In one Tweet sharing the newsIrving wrote, "Since playing Baldur's Gate for the first time many years ago, BioWare has been the dream place I always wanted to work on."

This dream came true in 2011, when Irving appeared on Star Wars: The Old Republic as the lead producer before joining the Anthem team in 2017.

Ben Irving.

"I think Anthem has a bright future," continued Irving's tweet. "There is a great team working on it and I'm looking forward to tracking his progress (and his game!) From the sidelines."

"I will be forever grateful to all who have given me the opportunity to work with great people on great products," he wrote.

Irving's departure from BioWare follows the long-awaited release of Anthem's heavily populated Cataclysm event, barely six months after the problematic launch of the game.

While Irving has not revealed any details about his next venture, his tweet was annoying that he is turning to an "exciting opportunity at another gaming company".