Martial scored 11 goals in all competitions this season

Anthony Martial has the talent to reach the level of Cristiano Ronaldo, said Manchester United's provisional coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The Frankfurt striker kicked off Paul Pogba and scored an excellent second place in Saturday's 3-0 win against Fulham.

Martial's goal of tearing him off the midfield led former US captain Gary Neville to compare it to a 2007 Ronaldo winner in Craven Cottage.

"He has similarities, of course," said Solskjaer.

"It was towards the end of the game and we played a very bad game and Cristiano made it," he added with a 2-1 win from his former team-mate.

Ronaldo won eight major trophies in his time at United and scored 118 goals in 292 games.

"If he wants to be at Cristianos level, Anthony knows what he has to do," said Solskjaer. "It's up to him, he has the talent."

Last month, Martial signed a new deal, which kept him in the club until at least 2024, after he was about to leave the country in the summer, after he had chosen big jumps under former boss Jose Mourinho.

The 23-year-old, who became the most expensive teenager in history in 2015 when he signed for Monaco £ 36m in 2015, has started six out of eight Premier League games since Solskjaer replaced Mourinho.

"I'm glad he's in my team," said Solskjaer, whose side play at Paris' Old Trafford on Tuesday in the final 16-knockout round of the Champions League.

"He has contributed so many chances and so many goals, he's a player from Manchester United, he's exciting the crowd, he teases the manager, he excites his teammates, and he's a great personality."