Any given Wednesday: ACME brand team

Joy is short-lived in the poor man’s house. Well, there wasn’t that much joy either. Well, they are not that poor either. Anyway, when the Celtics seemed to start playing something that could be qualified within the concept of basketball, the eternal bad luck that haunts the Boston franchise took its tithing in the form of an apparent positive in COVID-19 for Evan Fournier.

Yes, the player who already had to wait a few games after landing from Orlando for a false positive. Yes, the player who made six 3-pointers in the fourth quarter against the Houston Rockets. Yes, the player who taught the second unit of the team led by Brad Stevens that the ball had the necessary dimensions to go through the hoop. Yes, the player who fulfilled the necessary and classic French quota in the greens.

Fournier’s downside is simply the newest chapter in the tragic series that the Celtics are starring in during this course. Surely we are facing something accidental, but as happens in all stories, as the seasons go by, the thing loses its grace. I can’t wait for the end to come, even if it’s like ‘Dexter’. See how far this fed up goes.

The Celtics are a team produced by the ACME brand – or MIKASA if we stick to the Spanish counterpart in the wonderful ‘The miracle of P. Tinto’. Everything looks very nice when it arrives and it seems that it will perfectly cover your needs, but when push comes to shove, it ends up breaking and someone ends up hurt. Playing professional basketball, when the words ‘Boston’ or ‘Celtics’ appear on your shirt, is the most widespread cause of workplace accidents in the United States.

We are not dealing with a subjective perception of the one who writes these lines, so we are going to stick to reality. According to NBA data, total days off for Celtics players is 134. To put this figure in context, we would be talking about the number of free throws that Joel Embiid I’d pitch against Boston in, say, five games. Greens add up 20 days longer than the next franchise, and more than the 10 teams with the lowest incidence in this field, together. In comparison, the coyote had iron health.

Before putting the bandage on (pun intended), it is only fair to start at the beginning. Today, the Celtics are not a good basketball team. Neither are they now, nor have they been during the season. The team doesn’t have the punch to rub shoulders with the league’s big favorites, and the inability to have a regular rotation Because of injury and / or illness, do not alter this statement. That said, the casualties also don’t help an alleged narrative that could put Brad Stevens’s boys as a credible alternative. Between one thing and another, little or nothing is expected from Boston.

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The reborn

This accumulation of circumstances has reached such an insane point that the existence of a player has even been questioned. After a long time, we can affirm that Romeo Langford he’s a real person who plays basketball for the Celtics.

The sophomore appeared on the court to enjoy minutes for the first time since September last year. Blessed are the eyes that find the missing person. Honestly, as a lover of the show, I expected that after so long, his entrance to the court would have been done with music and fireworks in the purest Royal Rumble style in WWE. For more sports marketing ideas, do not hesitate to contact me.

Langford’s odyssey to return has had it all; from the physical to the viral. There came a time when it would not have been unreasonable to see his name on the pre-game casualty report along with such picturesque reasons as duodenal injury, psychological pregnancy, hypnosis or alien abduction.

Jokes aside, the return of Romeo Langford, plus the momentary end to the boy’s ordeal, must be great news for the Celtics. By conditions, the second-year player would have to be an important piece in Stevens’ rotation, even in the medium term while recovering a certain competitive rhythm that he lacks after his long absence. Oh, Romeo; we only have faith.


One of the soap operas of the market buyouts was to know the “lucky one” to get the services of André Drummond. Although the name of the Celtics was linked to this operation, finally the pivot ended in Los angeles lakers. I will try to suppress the tremendous pain that this movement afflicts me to give you my opinion on the matter.

Once the tears (of joy) dry on my keyboard, I can only thank the Californians for their decision when I was already afraid that Danny Ainge out to commit an aberration (more). Let’s be clear, in my years following the NBA, I firmly believe that I have not seen any player more overrated in the championship. What’s more, the distance to the second is overwhelming.

After nine seasons in the league, there are still those who say that Drummond defends well. This is a sacrilege worthy of a complaint from Christian Lawyers. Serious question: Who, in their right mind, can make such a claim by watching a couple of games at the now Lakers Center?

We are talking about a player who does not play the last tight quarters of games. Maybe it’s for something. Do we really have to discuss a guy who’s been cut by the almighty Cleveland Cavaliers in the age of fullness? I think this explains everything. We can all recognize that it was easy to improve the Celtics roster, but the limit was in spending salary on a totally outdated figure in the current NBA. The farther the better.

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