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Anyone with minimal knowledge of the situation, knew it was a matter of time. The data speaks for itself. It was inevitable that the NBA season would reach this moment that can mark a before and after in the future of any franchise during this course, including the Boston Celticsof course. Effectively, Kyrie Irving he has made it up again.

You just had to wait a bit for the base of the Brooklyn Nets will jump back into the media arena for reasons unrelated to his good performance on the court. Not a month has the little angel taken. Although it may sound slightly familiar to Celtics fans, this time it was more serious and curiously public than on other occasions. And yes, we are talking about a guy who was spreading incense in the TD Garden one month ago.

Kyrie’s misunderstood has made headlines this week for his strange and prolonged low. The reason? Personal problems; that expression that many use to spend all Monday in pajamas. So far, there should be no major problem. Then already, when they are published photos of the player at large parties and without a maskMaybe the Nets can get a little upset. It is not for less.

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is gaining steam again and is stirring the NBA world, the leak of those images of Irving has become one of the great headlines of the competition apart from the incessant suspensions of games (The Celtics have not been able to play three games). What will the Nets management think?

Sean Marks, General Manager of the Brooklyn franchise, admits that they are investigating the images and that Irving is estranged from the team. At the same time, he puts the ball in Kyrie’s court and states that the player will have to explain when ready. That bad vibes has a fruity smell in the bosom of the Boston Celtics.

While waiting for this situation to be resolved and more details to be discovered, this “outing” is reminiscent of a very recent event in our memory. We are talking about the quintessential partygoer; a player who has devastated the strip clubs of half the US territory like Atila; a man who has a gold card in every store with neon lights and they ask him: “the usual, Mr. Harden?”.

The Rockets guard already starred in some sounded visits to his favorite places just before the start of the regular season, ignoring all NBA sanitary guidelines. Also, it seems to want force the hand of the Houston team to be traded; something that he has already stated directly in his last press conference. Nor should we disdain his other method of changing teams, which is to follow Newman’s diet on ‘Seinfeld’. That is not for lack of originality. J.R. Smith he has already found heirs.

The Celtics and seduction

Before rising COVID-19 positives left the Boston franchise in dry dock, the guys from Brad Stevens, already with some casualties, they were able to get the victory against the Wizards. It might seem like a small thing and it surely is, but to the eyes of a good observer whose mind is sometimes distracted during games, there was a gesture that caught my attention.

As he jotted down in every possible shape and color with astonishing ease, Bradley Beal he trotted wearily back to his own basket and turned with a playful smile towards his great friend Jayson Tatum. It could be a friendly pique without more, but knowing the situation of the Washington escort and his possible intentions to leave the capital, why not dream.

There is no rumor about it. It is good to say it before someone starts with an excessive basketball onanism. In the same way, it is inevitable to think of that couple of players from St. Louis in the Celtics uniform annihilating the rival basket. In this period without matches, we don’t have much more than “Imagine cool things”.

Suspicious motivations

Since we are deeply resentful people in this holy house, this week it is time to reopen the particular section of the buzz about the Charlotte Hornets. Yes, the one that will only come to light when Terry Rozier play well, you are doing it, and / or Gordon Hayward stabilizes at one of the two possible performance extremes of your game. So, since the Indiana native is also leaving very positive performances, here we go.

The Hornets forward recorded the career high score in the NBA with 44 points against the Atlanta Hawks. Beyond the certain resentment towards his figure, as much as he was not to blame for his irregular stint with the Celtics, it is nice to see a player who has suffered so much from injuries come back on his own terms. If I had done it in green, better.

It is curious that this historic night in Hayward’s trajectory occurred in an evening with the same adjective for the United States. A picturesque mob of characters, taken from deleted scenes from ‘Borat’, broke into the Capitol encouraged by the President of the nation himself to prevent the outcome of an election that, let’s say, did not go very well (suck that one, Aaron Sorkin). Moments after such a notorious moment, the player that everyone relates to that political current, scores the best score of his career. Anyone would say that Hayward was puffed up with pride. We will continue to report on the evolution of these events while waiting for him to appear with horns and bison skins in an away game against the Wizards.

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