Apothecary Leia and Obi Wan Corell teach you how to use force to deal with COVID

Star Wars has arrived on the set of laSexta Noche by the hand of Boticaria García and the immunologist Alfredo Corell, who se have become Apothecary Leia and Obi Wan Corell to give us the keys to be a ‘jedi’ against him coronavirus.

For this they have been based on four basic pillars such as knowledge, self-discipline, strength and the fight against hoaxes.

Apothecary and Corell explain in the video that accompanies these lines that we must search for information about coronavirus from reliable sources such as WHO or scientific journals, as well as web pages such as the Spanish Immunology Society.

In addition, they ensure that self-discipline is very important: this consists of resting, exercising and eating well so that our immune system is prepared to fight against any infection.

In this line is important to eat healthy and above all that half of our meals are based on fruits and vegetables, foods that repair our cells.

The “strength” is based on seven fundamental measures to fight the coronavirus, such as the use of a mask, the safety distance, personal hygiene, indoor ventilation, diagnostic tests, proper case tracking and, when available, the vaccine.

Last but not least, it is necessary to fight the hoaxes that circulate on social networks and not trust any statement.

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