Apple accuses Facebook of disregarding user privacy

Facebook will launch a new system that will track all user activity.

Jane Horvath, Global Privacy Director, Apple, launched a strong criticism of Facebook for “disregarding the privacy of users”, this after Mark Zuckerberg’s company announced that it will continue with its plan to launch a new activity tracking system.

He mentioned that this program, whose foundation is that people allow developers to review how they use their applications, has the sole purpose of selling data and targeting it to advertising companies.

He adds that Facebook’s intention is to collect as many of data, to establish and monetize more detailed profiles of its users, putting aside their individual freedoms, who with this implementation would become mere currency.

FacebookThomas Hodel / Reuters

Facebook disagrees with Apple’s remarks

As it was expected, Facebook He came out to defend his position against Apple’s accusations. The company countered the creators of the iPhone, mentioning that they are not actually ensuring the user privacybut for their own earnings, obtained from the development of their data collection system.

He adds that Apple tries to exert pressure on others through its hegemonic position, because in addition to the fact that they are also developing a new system to collect information, they do not share or allow others to access their updated databases.

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The funny thing is that the advertising industry has also spoken out against the company founded by Steve Jobs, since the function TO which will launch in 2021, would allow users to block any type of tracking.

This would make it impossible for developers and marketing agencies to keep track of the trends that people are following in order to target personalized advertisements; curiously, as far as is known, Apple could access such data.

With information from The Guardian.


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