Apple, Amazon and Facebook pending elections in the USA to be covered

The big three technology companies are going through a crucial moment that will mark their future on air

The United States Congress has been conducting tough investigations, especially trying to clean up the environment prior to the well-known presidential elections in the American country. From there certain topics of high interest have been able to emerge, such as the communication channels that give life to a relevant sector.

The accusation thrown from that congress has been the accusation to Apple, Amazon and Facebook to blow up their competitors. As happened with Microsoft a few years ago, the state entity seeks to prevent unfair competition from ending the entry into force of smaller sectors and seeking specific interests.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook

Regulating such large entities is a challenge that does not seem easy at all

The Antitrust Subcommittee of the Judiciary of the United States Congress has said that these companies influence the way people see reality, and constitute a latent danger. Inevitably the government is going to take notice of these actions, and it is going to take on its side some measures that try to control exposure in the media.

According to this same research, today’s large technology companies are what the large oil-controlling industries were at the time. But with an aggravating factor, and that is that they venture into people’s daily lives. Including too much loaded content that gets stuck in the minds of potential voters.

Monopolistic practices, the epicenter of a discussion that has too many interests included

Through their representatives, the great monarchs of the interconnected communications system have issued their concept. There they have said that the work they do goes hand in hand with making life easier and nurturing the thinking of the human beings who consume it. What happens is that the environment is biased and nowadays localized manipulation is incurred to generate controversy.

The separation of their ideals seems to be the way, although they know that this is more a determination of the ultra-right, the same that governs the present time of the most important country on the planet. They admit that they will continue to command their sectors. And at the moment the only thing that has been approved has been an intelligent management of harmful emotions against President Donald Trump. A hot topic these days in North America.

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