Apple and Acer the big winners in the PC market

Since 2010, the traditional PC market has not grown as it did during 2020. The pandemic and the isolation measures decreed in much of the planet contributed to the PC market revitalizing after years of giving space to smartphones and tablets. At least that’s the one IDC reported yesterday.

With a 26.1% growth in the last quarter, the supply chain and logistics were in trouble to meet the demand for computers by users.

And although there were no changes in the ranking, there were 2 big winners due to the increase in their dispatches during the quarter: Apple and Acer.

In the case of Apple Everything seems to indicate that sales of the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini with the new M1 chip have started on the right foot. The devices, which on the outside are exactly the same as their predecessors with Intel chips, have demonstrated amazing performance and extremely good performance, motivating many to make the switch to Apple Silicon now. Tomorrow I will have my evaluation of the MacBook Pro (spoiler: WOW !!!!).

In the case of Acer the mix of powerful devices but low-cost materials has given the company the “edge” necessary to grow in this way. In February Andrés evaluated the Swift 5 in which he highlighted its power and characteristics.

For the year, growth was 13% and the big 3 – Lenovo, HP and Dell – ended up losing market share despite their respective growth.

And it was Apple, Acer and the Others category (among which we believe Asus should have a very interesting role), which end up growing more than the market and increasing its market share.

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