Apple and Hyundai could team up to make autonomous cars

New iCar reports suggest that the electric could be manufactured between Apple and Hyundai at a Kia plant in Georgia, United States

A new era in electric and autonomous mobility could be happening right before our eyes, where large electronics companies and automakers join forces for the car for sale market In the near future.

Collaboration Apple Hyundai Rumors

Although they are now more than known for making the iPhone and Mac computers, Apple has long been developing behind the scenes the autonomous driving technology for electric cars that we could see circulating in a few years.

Hyundai also has the goal of becoming a major player in future mobility, not just as car makerbut as a mobility provider.

Apple is clear about it and apparently they have reached an agreement to join forces with the goal of manufacturing self-driving cars in the United States by 2024.

Although at first it seemed that Hyundai had “seeded” these rumors to increase the value of its shares (in fact, they rose 23%), the local Korean media assure that the negotiations have been maintained and that we could have a new collaboration.

From a certain point, the alliance or collaboration between Apple and Hyundai makes all the sense in the world, because despite the fact that the Cupertino, California company has at its disposal all the technology and years of work to compete against Tesla, it needs an ally.

This ally could be Hyundai, an established manufacturer with a strong ambition for future mobility, focused on electrification and autonomous driving, just like Apple.

Although not mentioned in the latest reports, Hyundai’s car automation and electrification strategy is expected to utilize Kia’s existing plant in Georgia, or better yet, within an entirely new facility, but yes, within the territory. American.

The same report ensures that Apple and Hyundai could reveal an autonomous car in “beta version” to begin tests within the following year, although it seems premature. We’ll be in contact.


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