Apple and its greatness

With pomp and tambourine they announced that the Apple company, manufacturer of computers, cell phones and accessories, would reach a net profit of 3 trillion dollars at the beginning of the year 2023, which is an unimaginable amount of money, and that I do not dare to break down out of fear that it will happen to me like the then President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, when he wanted to analyze an investment in billions of dollars, or trillions … but to speak of trillions of dollars, is already in some way, great.

And of course, that Apple’s enrichment is due to the constant sale of increasingly sophisticated computer equipment of all types, increasingly modern cell phones, the sale of accessories, the application business, and the payment of rents for the use of cell phones, mainly.

It should be noted that cellular telephony, regardless of its cost, revolutionized communications essential, I can comment as a doctor, that thanks to this technology, I have given consultations in real time to patients who are living in the Middle East, and I have the honor of having attended a remote delivery that ended with great success through a call to my cell phone.

Obviously, Apple’s trillion-dollar profits are not due to any kind of corruption, despite selling computer equipment at its maximum price, selling new phones every year, making old ones last less, selling accessories at four times the price, or inflating to the maximum the rents for the use of cellular telephony through the concessions they have around the world (read article about corruption in SDP news: January 30, 2019).

That enrichment was achieved thanks to the capitalism that existed before the coronavirus epidemic, and that is still in force until now, with a very apparently healthy law of supply and demand that allowed companies like Apple to generate those impressive capitalist economic empires.

But the important thing about the greatness of Apple is to analyze if the idealism of its founder, Steve Jobs, who was prematurely truncated by the pancreatic cancer that he had already overcome in 2009, most likely taking citric acid, is consistent with that, I repeat , enrichment so unimaginable.

Speaking of the cancer that Steve Jobs suffered, of the pancreas, those who know, know that it is very deadly, worth the redundancy, and from the beginning of 2009 that Apple managers knew about the treatment with citric acid, until October 5, 2011, when Unfortunately he passed away, Steve Jobs had been in good general condition, working at Apple, and finally his death was not due to complications of pancreatic cancer, as happened with the Prince of the song: José José (read article about it in SDP News : February 14, 2019).

I do believe that knowing the life of Steve Jobs, being the son of Syrian immigrants, and raised by an American couple, in the United States, metaphorically the same as Clark Kent (Superman), he would not have agreed with so much enrichment.

Cultural note: A video created by Steve Jobs entitled: “Here is to the crazy ones” appears on YouTube, with which you can integrate the analysis of the ideology of this great man.


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