Apple CarPlay integrates ChargePoint charging points

Apple announces its agreement with ChargePoint to enhance its presence in the electric car industry. From now on, your application Apple CarPlay will inform you of the location of the charging points. Its great competitor, has this function activated for a long time.

Much was made a couple of years ago about whether Apple was developing an electric car. The headlines assured that the project of the team of the block to circulate its own plug-in was an “open secret.” Also that, for their development, they had hired several thinking minds from Silicon Valley (Tesla workers, to be more specific). But, almost two years after the rumors began, the apple electric car no news.

It is cooking or not an electric with the bitten apple on the grill, the truth is that those from Cupertino do not lose sight of the advances in electric mobility. In order not to be left behind, they announce an agreement with the ChargePoint charging infrastructure network.

The why of CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is a technology that allows part of the applications that the user has installed on their Apple mobile phone to have reflection and functionality on the screen of the system. information maintenance of the car.

The idea is that the driver can handle his apps music, mapping, and even messaging without having to use your smartphone and with hardly taking your hands off the wheel (many of the applications work through voice commands).

The distractions, in general, and the use of mobile behind the wheel, in particular, are among the main causes of accidents. That is why the General Directorate of Traffic has decided to toughen the penalties for picking up the phone with the car in motion: from January, the fine will be 500 euros and the withdrawal of six points from the driving license.

The multimodal mobility platform has been developed in a few months.
Starting in January, using a mobile phone behind the wheel will be fined 500 euros and six points

ChargePoint se integra en Apple CarPlay

As we say, Apple CarPlay allows you to use the main mobile applications from the phone screen, including those of mapping.

With the agreement signed with ChargePoint, users of the Apple application will be able to check the location of nearby charging points on the vehicle’s screen.

European countries with more and less charging points

“The ChargePoint compatibility with CarPlay it offers a level of connectivity that was not previously available ”, say those responsible for the charging network that has an international presence. “By simply connecting a device updated to iOS 14 or higher to a CarPlay-equipped vehicle, drivers can easily begin accessing charging information from the vehicle’s screen,” they explain.

With the ChargePoint app In the CarPlay experience, drivers will have access to the information available in the app, but integrated with the vehicle’s infotainment system. Drivers will be able to view a map of nearby charging points, check their status, select the list of stations for more information, and even start a charging session.

Additionally, drivers will be able to filter stations based on loader speed, the price, availability and type of plug; Also find recent stations, create a list of favorite charging locations and join the waiting list in case the charger is busy, all directly from the vehicle.

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