Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the keyboard and keyboard group “For All Mankind” and “Lost”

“For All Mankind” is one of Apple’s most popular television shows, and to promote the launch of Season 2, series creator Ronald De Moore caught up with this week. The Hollywood Reporter He shared details of what it’s like to work with Apple.

Moore was hired to work for “For All Mankind” when + Apple TV Jimmy Ahrlich directs and communicates with Zach Van Amburg on a new NASA screen. Moore previously worked with the two at Sony and there was a “certain familiarity” about how to do things.

However, there were some growing issues to work with as the tech company made its way to the media. Moore said he was not used to getting feedback from companies before decisions were made.

It is a technology company that is in the entertainment business and it has been increasingly difficult to discover. When I started working with Apple, I wasn’t used to people saying things like “Well, Cupertino didn’t even think about that.” The first year was a huge headache for any company looking to do something for the first time, but the fact that I knew a lot of people who were in the Apple TV + section really helped.

CEO de Apple Tim Cook He visited the group “For All Mankind,” and Moore says that during his visit, he “lost” the old keyboards and keyboards that were used in the show. Moore says it was warmly received in Cupertino, and it was clear that the show was interested in Apple “very emotionally and personally,” as well as commercially.

They were interested in how we represent technology and how quickly technology evolved in the show. [Apple CEO] Tim Cook came on set and sat in mission controllers and had fun. Lost keyboards to keyboards: “Oh yeah, I remember that kind of CRT.” I’ve been to Cupertino for different things and it’s always been [warmly received]: “For all mankind, I love this show! He was a huge fan of the space program. ” I was walking through the corridors and I only saw pictures of astronauts and space travelers and it was clear that there was great affection and love in the tech world for the space program and NASA. We were doing something that not only interested them commercially, but was also attractive for something that touched everyone both emotionally and personally.

Apple has been aggressively promoting Apple TV + content in recent weeks. The company launched an augmented reality app and podcast to accompany “For All Mankind” and many other series creators. Like me. Shyamalan night They also conducted interviews with the media.

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Two recently released “Wolfwalkers” directors Animated film From the Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon, this week he spoke to final date. Cartoon Saloon is known for its many animated films that highlight Irish folklore, including “Song of the Sea” and “Wolfwalkers,” and the interview is worthwhile for those interested in the company’s work.

Cartoon Saloon has a feature-quality hand-drawn “epic” cartoon series that will be shown on ‌Apple TV + in the future, but it has yet to be announced.

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