Apple could launch its first electric car in 2024

The tech giant Apple could, finally, start up its electric car project with advanced battery technology, with a start date from 2024.

Over the last few years there have been many reports that affirmed that Apple would have started an important project, under the name of Titan, which would lead him to enter the automotive sector with a model 100% electric. However, many other news have reported about the possibility that finally, the Californian company had rejected this possibility.

Nowadays, Reuters has returned to pick up the rumors, still without official confirmation, that indicate that the Apple’s Titan Project I would see the light from 2024, and not only as a 100% electric vehicle, but as autonomous platform.

According Reuters, the car of Apple will use a battery with an innovative system: more space on the battery thanks to the single cell technology, something that would increase the volume of the individual cells, which in turn would significantly increase the autonomy. This battery is also being developed with the use of lithium iron phosphate, whose main advantage is a lower production cost, due to the fact that the set of cells does not heat up as much, and that they can be replaced later.

Reuters He also speculates about the possibility that Apple will look for a partner to manufacture its vehicles and thus decide not to assume full manufacturing as other brands such as Tesla. In this sense, rumors suggest that Apple could completely divert production to another company – many sources point to Hyundai in this sense-, and even implement its autonomous driving systems in vehicles of well-known brands.

Until that moment, the Californian brand is already working on the development of current technologies and systems, such as the one incorporated in windshields, which detect if there is any breakage and automatically call a workshop to facilitate their repair.

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