Apple designs proactive recommendations that predict when a mobile will run out of battery

MADRID, 7 Abr. (Portaltic/EP) –

Apple has designed a intelligent system that predicts when a mobile phone will run out of battery based on the user’s previous usage data, and based on it issues proactive recommendations to load it before and prevent the device from ever turning off.

This is stated in a patent registered by the technology company in the United States Patent Office, which was presented in 2018 but has been revealed this Tuesday, which collects a system of “notification of intelligent recommendations for the load”.

The system developed by Apple collects information about the charge of the phone, and with it elaborates a curve “representative of the user’s charging habits over time”, displayed as a histogram.

This data is used by the company to “predict when a user will do the next upload“, and calculate if the mobile phone will have enough battery for when that moment arrives.

In case the technology predicts that the mobile will run out of battery sooner, the user you will proactively receive a “notification to recommend uploading“according to Apple, which has explained that the system can work on various devices.

At the moment it is only a patent, and the system is not present in any of the iPhone mobile phones currently available.

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