Apple devices will add official support for Xbox Series controllers in the future

There are no dates or estimates of when it will occur, but what has been confirmed is that Apple and Microsoft are collaborating to officially support the new Xbox Series controller on apple devices. Sometimes these cooperations can surprise given the quarrels that usually exist between these two giants, but the reality is that the new command still does not have that official support in iOS and Apple devices, and that will be a reality that will change soon. The news has come from the hands of our colleagues The Verge.

Microsoft and Apple are working together to bring Xbox Series X controller support to customers in a future update for all iOS systems.

Apple Arcade

The Xbox Series controller will be fully functional on any Apple device

It is not the first time that Microsoft accessories are supported by Apple devices and computers, previously both companies have already worked to bring all the functional support of the controls Xbox Elite 2 Y Xbox Adaptive Controller a iOS 14, and this legacy will continue to spread to be able to play with Apple Arcade or other titles compatible with iOS with official Xbox controllers. In addition, Microsof has already shown its continued interest in bringing xCloud to Apple devices, even though Cupertino’s restrictions are not making things much easier.

Of course, from Xbox Generation we will continue to monitor any news regarding the arrival of Xbox devices or services to the Apple world. Also, we have recently learned that Apple TV could be coming to Xbox consoles.

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