Apple Executives Say AR Has “ Huge Potential ” for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Devices

Apple’s AR executives spoke to CNET in an exclusive interview about the power of AR.

Of the piece:

… But Apple’s AR mission right now, according to Mike Rockwell, Apple’s AR director, and Allessandra McGinnis, its senior AR product manager, is to make everything work better on the device you already have in your pocket. AR layering with real-world locations and automatic emergence of experiences, while creating creative tools and developing assistive technology based on AR capabilities, could, in the long run, become the most important applications.

Rockwell told CNET that augmented reality had “enormous potential” to help the people in their lives use devices today, but also “devices that may exist tomorrow.” The couple also noted that it was more important for Apple to focus on enabling AR on iPhone and iPad, devices that have hundreds of millions of users, than it was to focus on AR-only experiences.

Speaking about the LiDAR scanner, Rockwell said the new technology opened up the possibility of scanning environments and would facilitate the creation of 3D objects, describing it as a “key technology that could unlock an explosion of 3D assets.”

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Rockwell also talked about how the future of iPhone augmented reality was not apps, but quick-view moments, a development made possible by Apple’s new app clips in iOS 14.

In conclusion, Rockwell stated that AR in a few years would be “one of those things where you can’t remember living without it.”

You can read the full report here.

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