Apple files a patent that describes AirPods Max with glass instead of aluminum

The document suggests methods to overcome the brittleness of the material.

Apple could be designing AirPods Max headphones with the outer part of the cups made of reinforced glass, reveals a patent recently awarded to the technology company.

These headphones, released in December 2020, have been criticized for its weight, so using glass would make them lighter.

Piece by piece disassembled the new Apple AirPods Max headphones to show their components

However, this material presents a problem: it is fragile and it can break when the accessory falls. The license from the United States Patent and Trademark Office mentions a technology of asymmetric chemical reinforcement of the glass.

That this information is fixed in a patent does not necessarily mean that AirPods Max with reinforced glass above the ear tips will one day become a reality. Perhaps, this material was considered before opting for anodized aluminum, the currently used material.

It is also unknown how the change in material could affect the price of the accessory, another source of criticism for being Apple’s first headband headphones that turned out to be more expensive than some of its popular ‘smartphones’ and tablets.

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