Apple fined 113 million dollars

Again Apple will have to pay compensation for changing the performance of its mobile phones and be accused of deceiving their clients and hiding information from them, for which they will have to pay 113 million dollars.

The situation for which the company was sued by 33 US states occurred in 2016 when an update was presented to the iPhone 6, 7 and SE, changing its operating system, which, according to the company, helped improve the performance of the batteries so that they would not overheat or shut down.

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But users reported that their cell phones were being slowed down to make their performance worse and promote the purchase of new generation batteries or telephones. Although the company denied that all this was for profit and did not have to accept an improper action or a violation of the laws.

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This is the second time this year that Apple has to accept a similar agreement for the same reason, since in March it had to pay $ 500 million after a class action lawsuit.

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In addition, to consign the money, the company will have the obligation to provide truthful information for three years about the energetic operation of your phones and full notifications of your updates.

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