Apple fuels rumors of its AirTags after launching a new application

There is a whole halo of mystery around the future products that we will see in Spain by Apple. At first it was thought that March would be the month chosen to present their news from hardware, but it will finally be June WWDC the one in charge of bringing these products.

And Apple may have given us yet another clue about your elusive AirTags, Tile-type location stickers expected to arrive later this year. Those from Cupertino have launched a new application that for practical purposes is not very useful for the user but that gives rise to the idea that AirTags are close.

The application called Find My Certification Asst. is a app designed for manufacturers to test the operability of their accessories with the network Find My from Apple. It is intended for third-party accessory manufacturers that are compatible with Apple iPhones.

AirTags in sight?

Rendered image of what an Apple AirTag would look like

Jon Prosser


This network Find My helps users find lost Apple devices such as iPhones, Mac computers, iPads, and AirPods. This is also prepared to add support to other accessories compatible with the network, and thus find them in the same way even if they are manufactured by third parties.

MFi license users – that is, manufacturers can use this new app to “test position, connection, and other key requirements” for accessories incorporating this Apple technology. In short, it is a necessary application for manufacturers to test if their devices work with Apple’s search network.

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This network is not new; it was introduced in the “Find My” application a couple of years ago and among other things it allowed to find lost Apple devices. As long as we have other nearby Apple devices turned on and connected, we can track other devices even if they are totally disconnected.

Apple's tracking system will allow you to find objects with AirTags

Apple’s tracking system will allow you to find objects with AirTags



In the screenshots associated with the application we can see how it works, since a normal user cannot make use of it if you don’t have access to Apple licenses. According to the App Store, the application was launched on April 4, that is, last Sunday.

Given that in iOS 14.5 the integration of third parties to this search network will be possible, it is reasonable to think that the launch of Apple AirTags and therefore compatible third-party AirTags Is falling. It is estimated that it would use the same technology that is used with the U1 chips, which allows among other things to locate devices indoors with a greater range of action.

Even so, these AirTags carry rumored months, carrying many dates and characteristics on their backs that have not been fulfilled over time. So this app is yet another hope that we will see these pagers appear once and for all.

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