Apple Introduces New “Inclusive” Emojis with New iOS 14.5 Update

The next operating system update iOS 14.5 for iPhone phones promises to deliver news on emojis. It is a total of 217 new designs that will be available to everyone with a software update that will arrive in the last months of the year.

Most correspond to emojis of inclusive couples, in which different skin tones and genders are combined for the LGTB community, as well as the possibility of adding a beard -also for women-.

Among the novelties are new motifs of faces: one exhaling, another with spiral-shaped eyes and even one in the clouds. The beta of the Apple system also allows the use of two new heart emojis: one bandaged and the other on fire.

An extensive combination of different skin tones will also debut for couples with hearts and couples kissing.

The iOS 14.5 version of the operating system will offer new face motifs. Photo: capture.

In addition to the incorporation of new emojis, some others that were already available have been updated, such as headphones, which will now show the AirPods Max. The syringe was redesigned to show no blood, but a neutral liquid, a change according to the times we are living, where vaccines are key to defeating Covid-19.

As for other redesigns, Apple He modified the mask emoji to represent a person smiling under the mask, accentuating other facial expressions — besides the mouth — to show that there is a smile.

Helmets were also included with the emojis of a person climbing, both women and men, to transmit more security in this activity.

In November 2020 Apple had already launched a massive update of new emojis along with iOS 14.2 Among them are a transgender symbol, the arepa, the tamale, the bubble tea, the “Italian hand” or “mound”, a boomerang, a dodo, a piñata, matrioshkas, an anatomical heart, lungs or even a ninja.

New animojis will also arrive

Apple, with the launch of the iOS 14 operating system, also improved the memoji design platform with new hairstyles, chinstraps, and hat options.

But above all much of the notions of gender were withdrawn when choosing elements to design a animoji, the animated designs that the apple company launched with the iPhone X. For example: a hairstyle does not necessarily have to be for men or women, therefore, related details were removed to reinforce this idea.

The new animojis that will arrive with the version of iOS 14.5.

The new animojis that will arrive with the version of iOS 14.5.

Certain hairstyles, which could be related to the male gender, will no longer have sideburns included. Now the choice goes separately. Beards and / or mustaches can be chosen for any gender or type of face, among many other details that extend as much as possible the total representation of what makes us unique.

In addition, the facial and muscle structure of the memojis to accentuate the expressions and give them even more realism.

Three new memoji stickers from virtual hug, a flushed face and a fist bump.



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