Apple investigates the appearance of pink pixels on some displays connected to the new Mac mini via HDMI

Apple has communicated, in an internal memo (via MacRumors), which is investigating the fact that some external displays show pink dots when connected to a Mac mini with an M1 processor. We therefore hope that a future software update will fix this error, meanwhile, there are some steps we can take to prevent it from occurring.

Ongoing investigation and workaround available

According to support forums Apple, this situation occurs more frequently when we connect the screen via HDMI instead of Thunderbolt. So if this was the case and the screen allows it we can consider using the Thunderbolt connection of the Mac mini.

Pink Squares Dot Mac Mini

In parallel, or if using a Thunderbolt connection is not an option, Apple suggest certain next steps to remedy the situation temporarily:

  1. We put the Mac mini in sleep mode for at least two minutes.
  2. We wake up the Mac mini and unplug and plug the screen back in.
  3. We set the resolution in System preferences > Displays.

These steps should make the pink dots disappear. A solution that, on the other hand, may reverts to its original situation after a restart of the machine. If so, we simply repeat the steps again.

As for dates for an update and resolution, we do not know the company’s plans. What we do know is that This memo was sent on February 19, after the release of macOS 11.2.1. For this reason, it is expected that the solution will appear in macOS 11.3, which is currently in the second beta, or that we will see a complementary update type 11.2.2 released on purpose.

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If anything, Apple is aware of the situation and therefore it shouldn’t be long until we see these strange pink dots disappear. Meanwhile, the steps we have described should allow us to work comfortably with the machine.

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