Apple is investigating iPhone cases with which we could carry and charge our AirPods, according to a patent

Today seems to be patent day. If a little while ago we told you how Apple is exploring the possibility that future Apple Glass can unlock any of our devices, now it is the turn of the AirPods. According to this patent Apple is exploring ways of being able to transport and at the same time charge our headphones thanks to a case for iPhone.

A case with which the iPhone charges our AirPods


The truth is that patents, on more occasions than we would like, do not reach the final development in a product, but what is clear is that Apple tests, researches and retests lots of cool ideas. In this case is the development of an interesting variety of cases for the iPhone that allow us to fit and charge our favorite headphones.

The first of the proposals is a kind of case for the iPhone, very similar to the most recent ones for the iPhone 12, which would have a circular horizontal space in which to place the “legs” of our AirPods. A design that, incidentally, would not work for future AirPods Pro which are rumored to adopt a more rounded design without the characteristic “leg”.

Case 2
Case 2

The second design looks like a hybrid between the previous case and the MagSafe card holder that we have seen appear with the iPhone 12. A cover with a cover in which, in addition to being able to place the cards inside, we also put our headphones.

End users often only realize that their electronic accessory is out of order when they use the accessory. But they may not carry a charger with them.

The sleeve can include a first terminal, a second terminal, and a battery. The first terminal can receive electrical power from the portable electronic device to charge the battery. And the electrical energy stored in the battery can be transferred to the accessory through the second terminal.

In other words, it would be the battery of the iPhone itself that would power the AirPods, although nothing would stop Apple from releasing a case with a built-in battery, in the style of the Smart Battery Case, which will take care of the headphones. A solution that, in fact, due to the thickness that the battery gives to the case, would make a lot of sense.

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While we wait for the arrival of the new third generation AirPods, as well as the second generation of the new AirPods Pro, Apple continues to develop solutions with which we can even more easily have our headphones. We do not know if this patent will reach production, but what is clear is that, if it does, all the numbers would point to a presentation next to the launch of the iPhone 13, that is, in September. We’ll see if the patent plans turn into launch plans.

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