Apple is negotiating with sensor manufacturers to deal with its autonomous car

Apple would have started conversations with suppliers of sensors deal, those who usually use autonomous vehicles, as part of its strategy to end up creating an electric and autonomous car, as reported Bloomberg.

Common in most autonomous vehicles and in the prototypes, lidar sensors are used to determine the vehicle’s distance from other vehicles, objects or people. This technology is also used by other devices, such as some iPhone models.

Apple is talking with several suppliers of this type of sensors that work on next-generation technology, according to Bloomberg, which ensures that Tim Cook’s company would have internally developed most of the software necessary for an autonomous vehicle.

What is LiDAR? This is the sensor you are seeing lately in cars, mobiles and vacuum cleaners

Even so, the launch of that vehicle could not take place for another 5 years, according to the economic information agency, citing internal Apple sources.

In the last weeks, various reports have indicated that Apple was talking to different vehicle manufacturers to create the first cars with your brand.

In January, a South Korean newspaper reported that the apple company was in advanced talks with Hyundai, which planned to build a version beta of Apple Car in one year. However, both Hyundai and Kia, which it controls, denied those talks.

Nissan also denied that it had been negotiating with Apple, despite various reports placing it as another possibility.

“However, Nissan is always open to exploring collaborations and agreements to accelerate the transformation of the industry,” said a spokesman for the Japanese brand.

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