Apple is trying to ban the “nearly identical” logo from trademarks

Apple objects to the bottled water company’s logo trademark because it argues that it can easily be mistaken for its own (via Law Street).

Apple provided Notice of dissent With the Trademark Testing and Appeals Board against the Georgette LLC logo, stating that its trademark would be damaged if the applicant’s logo were registered due to dilution and possible consumer confusion, error, or deception.

The Georgette logo represents a whole apple with the words “I Arches” and two cards. On the other hand, the Apple logo has a portion on the right side and a sheet of paper. Apple says the applicant’s logo “features a stylized apple design with a paper parted at right angles, making it visually similar to iconic Apple trademarks.”

Consumers who come across the applicant’s sign are more likely to associate the brand with Apple. Mark’s Mark app features a stylized apple design with paper parted at right angles, visually similar to iconic Apple brands. In fact, the general shape of the applicant’s apple design is almost identical to that of the Apple logo.

An image attached to the file overlaying the Georgette logo with the Apple logo reveals that they have the same dimensions.

Georgette emblem comparison dispute

Georgette emblem comparison dispute
Georgette emblem comparison dispute
Apple argues that it has used its logo since 1977, which has become distinctive and has earned a high level of appreciation and goodwill from consumers.

Mark easily invokes the applicant in consideration of Apple’s famous Apple logo due to the visual similarity, and the Apple trademarks are so famous and instantly recognizable that the similarities in the applicant’s trademark will overshadow any small differences and make the average consumer believe that the applicant is associated with an affiliated company, with or certified by Apple.

In addition to the apparent similarities between the Apple logo and the Georgette logo, Apple also argues that it sells “beverage products” with its logo, including mugs, thermo bottles, and water bottles, such as those available exclusively to customers in Apple Park Visitors Center. Since Georgette wants to register his slogan of “pure drinking water; bottled water, ”Apple believes this is an even greater reason for rejecting the order.

Last year, Apple started Trademark Litigation With a small company called “Prepear”, arguing that their pear-shaped logo was very similar to their own label. Definitive preparation She changed her motto To end the dispute, Apple continues to fiercely trademark its logo.

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