Apple is trying to get Valve into its legal battle with Epic Games

Against his will, Valve is being dragged into Epic Games’ antitrust lawsuit against Apple. The information arrives after making itself known new documents which reveal that the Cupertino giant asked Gabe Newell’s company to provide years of detailed information on Steam sales.

“Both companies have come together in various meetings and conferences, but Valve has refused to disclose information that responds to Requests 2 and 32,” the document reads. “Epic’s various mobile and non-mobile distribution options are central to the issues in the dispute over market definition and market power.”

As such, Apple wants to review Valve’s data to prove its point, noting that Epic has different options available to publish and distribute their titles, thus denying the monopoly charges.

Request 2 asks Valve to provide complete annual data, such as sales, revenue, and other financial information for “total annual sales of applications and products embedded in the application.” Apple hopes this data supports their claim and makes it clear that Epic has a number of other places to sell Fortnite.

Meanwhile, Request 32 details documents “sufficient to show: (a) the name of each Application on Steam; (b) the date range in which the application was available on Steam; and (c) the price of the application and any products integrated in the application available on Steam.

Valve’s response

Valve understandably does not want to provide this information to Apple: “Apple’s lawsuits would place an extraordinary burden on Valve to query, process and combine a large number of documents to deliver what Apple seeks, materials that Valve does not create or maintain in the normal course of business, and with little or no value, as Valve does not compete in the mobile application market in question, ”the company noted.

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This whole legal battle comes down to Epic’s insistence that Apple has a monopoly and that the company has unfair business practices on the iOS platform (by charging unreasonable fees to developers who earn revenue through posting to the App Store). .

Apple goes to Valve to demonstrate that Epic Games has different options to publish and distribute their games, such as Fortnite. Do you agree?

Source: The Verge

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