Apple launched a portal to remove activation lock on iPhone and iPad

Apple has a high security system. As such, the mechanism can often leave an iPad or iPhone user lost when they receive a message that their device is locked. In addition, the information found can be very general, which does not help those who do not have access to the equipment. Now, the Cupertino company, to help its users, has launched a new page on its website that will serve as a portal to “deactivate the activation ban.”

The information is simple, but the intention is to add two or three tracks on a page to help lock down an iPhone or iPad.

This page provides details on how users can disable the Activation Lock security feature on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The page contains a link to start the "Activation Lock" support request process in the United States.

This means that users do not need to contact Apple Support by phone, email, or online chat to start the process.

Apple helps create a new website: how does it work?

When you find the message that your iPhone has been disabled, you can try the number of times the system allows, but it may reach a limited state. Then you can request help on the portal Disable activation lock.

So from here you can start to remove Activation Lock on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can simply add the necessary details and ask Apple to remove the activation lock from the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch directly from the company's website.

Image of website helping iPhone user to disable Activation Lock

Keep in mind that there are some basic requirements that you should know. For example, you must be the owner of the device and the device must not be in lost mode or managed by a third-party organization, such as a company. If you meet these points, you can start the Activation Lock removal process from your Apple tool.

You will also be asked to enter your correct email and device serial number. You will receive a form to complete that will allow you to verify ownership of the device. Also, if you have one, you will need to provide the date and place it was purchased and the receipt of the purchase, if you have one.

As noted, information provided by Apple or an Apple subsidiary will be used to complete the process and remove the activation lock from your iPhone or iPad.

Image of website helping iPhone user to disable Activation LockImage of website helping iPhone user to disable Activation Lock

Although the device has been restored, it is important to be aware of one problem: once Apple removes the activation lock from your iPhone or iPad, all your data will be permanently deleted. From now on, it is recommended to backup your device before starting the process.

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