Apple launches a website to request the deactivation of the Activation Lock

One of the characteristics of the iPhone is that, in case it is lost or stolen, you can prevent another person from using it if you have active the Activation Lock.

This means that whoever has your phone and tries to erase it will have to enter your Apple ID and password. This is intended to deter thieves from stealing iPhones.

What if you have trouble turning off the Activation Lock? This typically requires you to make a call or email Apple to start the process, which can be a bit tedious.

Now apple has launched a website explaining to users how they can submit a request to have the Activation Lock removed from their phones.

Obviously users will have to provide details that prove they own the phone, such as the date of purchase, the place of purchase, and a photo or screenshot of the receipt.

The process is more or less similar to the previous one, except thatNow you can apply online instead of having to call Apple or send an email.

Apple advises that successful requests will result in the erasure of data from your phone, so you must ensure that your data is safe before proceeding.

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