Apple lowers fees from the App Store, but not for all developers

Since the end of 2019, Apple has been accused by big developers such as Spotify, Epic Games, Microsoft, Facebook and Rakuten for abusing its power in the App Store. by imposing high fees of up to 30 percent on purchases within your store.

This Wednesday, the tech giant announced what will reduce your App Store commission rate to 15 percent, but only for small developers who make less than a million dollars in annual net sales through their platform.

The Small Business Program The App Store will be available from January 1, 2021, for developers who qualify, as well as new ones who have never posted to the App Store.

However, this new policy will disappear the moment developers start billing more than a million dollars annually, so they will have to return to pay the standard rate of 30 percent, according to Apple.

Lowering the App Store commission fee could affect Apple’s financial results in the coming quarters. These revenues are a very important part of the company’s service unit. In the quarter ending in September, Apple posted $ 14.55 billion, representing 22 percent of its total revenue for the period.

While these changes can greatly benefit independent developers, the reality is that they will do little to defuse the antitrust investigations the Cupertino-based company faces in both the United States and the European Union, as well as the legal battle currently underway. has with Epic Games.

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