Apple Mac mini M1 has strange bug causing pink squares to appear on monitor screen –

Apple’s Mac mini with the M1 processor has encountered a rather strange sound error, where pink squares (or pixels) appear on the screen of the monitor it is connected to for no apparent reason.

Apple is aware of this issue and is in fact investigating the cause of the issue, according to an internal memo sent to service providers (as reported by MacRumors).

As the report points out, the issue with pink squares appearing on an external display has been complained not only on the MacRumors forum in the past, since the new Mac mini with M1 was released, in fact, but also elsewhere in the world. online, like Reddit and Apple’s own support forum. Intrusive squares can be more frequent when using an HDMI cable instead of Thunderbolt.

There are also scattered reports of green squares (see this Reddit thread) or even black, as well as pink squares (or dots). Switching to another HDMI cable doesn’t seem to make a difference, although changing the wallpaper might, at least according to other reports.

Fix in the pipeline?

Sadly, Apple’s note doesn’t give us any clues as to when a fix can be expected, but since the Mac maker is apparently aware of the problem, we can keep our fingers crossed that a fix will be provided in the near future. .

However, what Apple provided was a (rather clunky) solution to removing the squares, which is as follows:

Put the Mac mini to sleep Wait two minutes and wake up the Mac mini Unplug the display from the Mac mini and then reconnect the display Adjust the screen resolution in System Preferences> Displays

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This is apparently a temporary fix, as Apple notes that if squares or dots make their presence known again, users should simply repeat the steps above. Which is obviously going to get a bit tedious, so once again, let’s hope the fix comes sooner rather than later.

The other potential solution mentioned of changing the wallpaper is also worth trying, and it represents a much more convenient countermeasure, if it works, sure.

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