Apple no longer cares about selling the iPhone 12, but uses it to generate subscribers to its services – HoyEnTEC

Apple is showing less and less interest in the development of its “stellar” product, the iPhone. Although the Cupertino company is globally recognized by all as the company that makes the iPhone, we must admit that Apple has evolved and adopted a paradigm shift in recent years.

It is difficult to accept, but when talking about numbers, Apple is no longer interested in the profits it makes from selling iPhones (which involve a huge logistical effort to produce and sell), it is interested in the profits that come through its huge list services, but for that you must put an iPhone in the hands of users.

The services we refer to include Apple Pay, the App Store, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV +, the Apple Card or Apple Care. All of this earns Apple a massive windfall, and doesn’t involve the logistical complexities of designing, assembling, distributing, and selling a device. This is why experts have started calling the iPhone Apple’s “Trojan Horse”. It is not the end, but it is the means.

This trend has become clear in recent years. Apple has stepped up its efforts to get more subscriptions and recurring payments every month, neglecting in part its device innovations (not to mention its controversial decision not to include a headphone charger in the iPhone 12 boxes).

But the final blow is still missing Apple One, the product that will bring together all the company’s services whose objective is to make the hiring of the company’s products more attractive (Apple Music vs Spotify, iCloud Drive vs Dropbox, etc.) will make its appearance sometime next year.

¿Is this a form of monopoly? For many yes. A master (or macabre) plan like this can make it more difficult to individually jump into the competition in the future, tying the hands of all those who have opted to use an iPhone.

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