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The market is still waiting for news about Apple’s electric car, but the truth is that the technology firm’s reluctance to disclose data about its future products certainly makes it difficult to discuss its future. However, interesting design exercises by artists outside Apple continue to come to light with which to illustrate the latest rumors about the launch of its electric car, such as the Apple One, what did you call it digital artist Jan Peisert.

That Apple is working on some kind of product that will hit the streets with four wheels and an electric powertrain is obvious. Or at least this is indicated by the clues that its development has been leaving behind. Among many others, the job offers related to the automotive sector and the signing of the best Porsche chassis engineer are the clearest evidence that Apple is indeed working on an electric car.

What is not entirely clear is how Apple intends to approach its entry into the automotive sector. The public wants a car manufactured in series with the logo of the bitten apple on its front, and this is what the artist Jan Peisert has been commissioned to illustrate. The end result of their work has been an electric SUV that could well advance, in broad strokes, the concept on which Apple’s electric car could be based.

The design of Apple’s electric car is still unknown.

However, as with Sony and its conceptual Vision-S, Apple may just want to sell its technology to traditional manufacturers. The Japanese technology firm presented its particular electric car with the sole purpose of advancing the technological range with which it would be able to supply other manufacturers.

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Apple is desperate to find a partner, supposedly

The latest news that have made headlines these days with the name of Apple in its lines They invite you to think that the American company is beginning to be desperate to find a partner to help them manufacture their electric car, and although there are already some other manufacturers that have publicly expressed their rejection of working with Apple, the truth is that if Apple ends up not launching an electric car it is because they themselves end up discarding it, not because second companies reject it.

We have to remember that Apple’s financial health is such that it could take over a large part of the shareholding of a mid-size car manufacturer without much effort, And although this is not the easiest way, it should not be ruled out either.

Ultimately, according to current Apple analysts, the American company is clearly determined to delegate the manufacture of its electric car to a manufacturer specialized in assembling products, and is in advanced conversations both with the alliance formed between Magna and LG, as well as with Foxconn (which is the one who manufactures the iPhone 12 and all its different versions).

While it is true that Foxconn is the one who is most likely to win the succulent contract that will entail manufacturing Apple’s electric car, the American firm has previously worked with LG, and given Magna’s extensive experience in the field of automotive technology Automotive, the latter possibility should not be ruled out.

Be that as it may, it seems necessary for Apple to officially and mediately feel the foundations of this electric and autonomous car before it hits the market, as It is a concept that his followers are not used to, as well as his investors.. It is because of that they should make some kind of official announcement throughout this year.

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