Apple One: Benefits of the new Apple subscription

Apple One It is already available and with it there are also many benefits that will allow you to get the most out of the service. This is why it is necessary to know everything that it includes, as well as the plans and programming.

One of the main advantages is that, with this subscription, it is possible to access all the services offered Apple with a small saving. In fact, this release was one of the most anticipated, because it makes the experience much easier.

However, there may be many questions that have not yet been clarified regarding the services and functions provided by the Apple One. For this reason, here you can find out a little more about it.

With this subscription, you will have access to various Apple services. Source: Unsplash

Services included in Apple One

Unlike other systems such as Windows, Apple has applied this new technology in order to gather all its products and services in a single space. It is for this reason that Apple One is quite promising for users.

In this platform you can find the following services:

A music streaming service, very similar to Spotify or this type of music platform, while being compatible with others such as Apple, Amazon, Echo, Sonos, among other. It is available worldwide and its prices may vary depending on whether it is a family or individual account.

In this case, Apple provides its own storage cloud, where you can save photos, videos, backup copies, documents, large files and even the data of the apps. This function is compatible with Apple Windows y web.

With this service, it is possible to watch series, movies, documentaries, among others, by accessing the catalog that offers the highest quality content available. This service can be used with branded products Apple, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and some Smart TVs.

If you are looking for complete games without extra purchases and offline, this is the ideal product that provides Apple One, where only Apple games are available, so certified quality is offered.

Apple One

Apple One is one of the big launches of this year. Source: Unsplash

With this service you will be able to know all the news that is included in various newspapers and magazines, so it is possible to obtain information from different perspectives to obtain different opinions. This service can only be accessed from the products of Apple.

A service only for Apple where you can find sports training online, with integrations to Apple Watch. It is available for various countries and offers plans, not only individual but also family.

Plans available on Apple One

Once you know what services it offers Apple OneIt is convenient to know what the plans are in order to select the one that best suits personal needs. In this sense, there are the following plans:

1. Apple One Individual: includes Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage.

2. Apple One Familiar: This plan includes up to six members and the services that can be used are Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and 200GB of iCloud.

3. Apple One Premier: This plan includes six members, and you can enjoy Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade, Apple News +, Apple Fitness +, and 2TB of iCloud.

Subscription benefits on Apple One

One of the main benefits of subscribing to Apple One, is that a considerable saving is reflected unlike when subscriptions are made separately for each of the services.

However, the savings depend on the services that you already have contracted or that you are interested in requesting. That is, by opting for the individual plan, you will get a reward that includes Apple Music and one of Apple’s additional entertainment services.

Also, with the plans it is possible to find a totally free storage space reward at iCloud, so the investment could be reduced by up to six euros a month.

In the case of family plans, the savings are much greater, since not only is a reward generated with the plans of Apple TV+ y Apple Arcade, but it is also a promotion that can be enjoyed by up to six people, so the costs decrease significantly.

For those who request this service, the saving It can be up to $ 2, so it is certainly an offer that cannot be missed.

Apple One

If you want to save, opting for the family plan can be a great option. Source: Pixabay

The Family plan It can include a maximum of six people who can use all the Apple One services that are available, with the only disadvantage that the iCloud space can fill more quickly.

Also, by sharing the Family plan, it is not possible for the data of each of the extensions to be mixed, that is, despite being a shared account, each user can save their preferences and keep a record of their activities in the app.

Technological advances this year have taken an unexpected leap, beyond the improvements of services and optimizations of plans such as those of Apple One. That is why, if you are interested in this type of topic, we invite you to review the innovative Hexa Ship , an individual drone.


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