Apple opens its app network Search to tests with third-party accessories

MADRID, 7 Abr. (Portaltic/EP) –

Apple has opened the network of the Search app, which allows you to locate a lost iPhone, iPad or Mac, to third party manufacturers to test interoperability with their own accessories.

The tech company has launched ‘Find My Certification Asst. ‘, an application designed for manufacturers of licensed accessories ‘Made for iPhone’, that is, those that have a certificate of compatibility to be used with Apple devices.

With the new application, these manufacturers will be able to verify the interoperability of their accessories with the network of the Search application. As they explain in TechCrunch, this app is the step prior to the official announcement what Apple is expected to do about opening up this network to third parties.

In testing, manufacturers can test features such as connectivity, the ‘firmware’, the management key, NFC technology, energy consumption or the possibility of locate the accessory using sounds.

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