Apple opens third parties access to its Find My geolocation network

by: Agencies – 7 April 2021, 01:02 pm

– The iPhone maker company announced that products made by other companies will be able to use its proprietary Find My geolocation technology.

By: NotiPress

USA.- On April 7, 2021, the technology company Apple announced the “accessories program” for its Find My application, the geolocation and tracking service for gadgets in case of theft or loss. Until now, exclusively for Apple equipment, through this program the company will offer support on said network to devices manufactured by third parties.

Users of iOS, iPad and Mac OSX systems will be able to use the Find My application to locate a growing range of compatible products, even if they do not have some type of Internet connection. This is possible thanks to the fact that Apple’s network is generated from the Bluetooth connectivity of its 1.5 billion proprietary devices circulating in the world.

“For more than a decade, our customers have turned to Find My to locate their lost or stolen Apple devices, all while protecting their privacy. I can’t wait to see what our partners come up with.” Said Bob Borchers, vice president of global marketing at Apple in a statement.

On the other hand, the company announced three products that will be the first to be compatible with the expanded support of the Find My application. These are VanMoof’s S3 and X3 electric bikes; Belkin SOUNDFORM wireless headphones; and the ONE Spot locator tag, by Chipolo, which can be attached to key rings or backpacks.

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As is customary for the company, support to third-party manufacturers will be conditional on meeting certain requirements. Mainly, adhere to your company privacy policies and mark your products with the legend “Works with Apple Find My.”

Also, Tim Cook’s company announced that during spring 2021 they will release the necessary specifications to integrate third-party products with Ultra Wide Band technology. This technology is present in iPhone models from 11 and allows a more precise location.

In turn, the opening of Find My to third-party manufacturers is part of the Made for iPhone program, which aims to expand the compatibility of third-party products with the Apple ecosystem. In addition to the geolocation service, the company hopes that its users can manipulate a greater number of smart devices, such as voice assistants, cars and smart homes, from their iPhones or Mac.


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