Apple participates in a medical study to be able to detect dementia with an Apple Watch and an iPhone | Technology

Science is advancing by leaps and bounds and sometimes it has to put the turbo, as has happened with the Covid-19 vaccine. Now a study is being developed with the participation of Apple, through which the detection of senile dementia is sought through an iPhone or an Apple Watch.

It is quite interesting, since the most desired watch in the world would take a giant step supporting science and health would be rewarded by the help of technology. Apple acts as a connecting link, since Alzheimer’s is one of the diseases that most affect our society and there is still no cure, hopefully.

Apple is not working on this research project to achieve a cure, but to help scientists detect dementia as soon as possible. Detecting dementia may help those affected to delay arrival and little by little to find the reasons that cause this hard disease.

Certain activities and foods are known to help delay dementia, and hence Alzheimer’s, but they are just signs of a long race against time.

Thus, between the iPhone and the Apple Watch, it will be possible to monitor the cognitive deterioration that results from Alzheimer’s. Dementia is the initial process and that sometimes we do not notice when it appears little by little.

This study will last several years and the idea is that Biogen achieves broad profiles of participants, from different sex, age, disease progression, cognitive performance, etc. In order that they can monitor different situations to obtain more accurate results and be able to detect dementia.

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The aim of the study is to manufacture digital biomarkers capable of exhaustively monitoring the patient’s cognitive performance. Cognitive impairment can begin as mild as forgetting a name or momentarily getting lost on the way to an address.

This disease largely affects those over 65, but there are also cases of premature dementia in those under 50 years of age. From the onset of dementia to Alzheimer’s can pass from a few months to several years.

The digital biomarker will help hundreds of patients in the not too distant future. With these results in hand, diagnoses could be addressed more effectively, doctors would be better prepared, and prevention measures would be more accurate.

The Apple Watch already performs electrocardiograms, so this step may open the door to a new opportunity between science and technology. Apple is fully confident in the successful development of this study and hopes that it will help the medical community better understand cognitive decline.

Regarding privacy, a very hot topic after the latest WhatsApp news, the study in which Apple participates is designed in such a way that the privacy and safety of patients is perfectly controlled.

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