Apple patents a feature that predicts when the iPhone’s battery will run out

The new system will learn how you use the iPhone during the day

According to a recent report, it is said that Apple has been working on a new system, according to a new registered patent. This new technology would help determine when an iPhone’s battery will drain.

The patent has already been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and was granted earlier this week. This patent is entitled “intelligent advice for notification”. This means that, instead of helping to save on battery life, the new system will learn how you use your iPhone during the day and from there it will determine when the battery will drain.

At the moment, Apple users are only reporting low battery, once the device only has around 20 percent charge remaining. Therefore, the new system would make the notification much more useful thanks to your personalized request.

For users of Mac, a similar feature is now available, macOS shows the user the estimated remaining battery life. However, the patent details a more complex system, as it will also identify user behavior on different days of the week to adjust battery alerts for each day accordingly.

With information from 9to5Mac


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