Apple Pencil and Surface Pen: differences, advantages and disadvantages

Battery duration

We also found glaring differences in battery life. And it is that if the battery of the Apple Pencil, rechargeable, reaches 12 hours of duration, in the case of the Surface Pen it lasts 1 year, being replaceable. Regarding the latter, it consists of a single AAAA battery, which should last about a year, and can be changed.

Design, appearance, size and weight

As you probably know, the Apple Pencil comes in a unique and distinctive white color, while the Surface Pen is available in cobalt blue, burgundy, black and platinum.

Regarding its size and weight, it is true that, in general, both are similar, although the Pencil has a longer size and tends to weigh a little more, while the diameter of the Surface Pen is a little larger.

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