Apple prepares a folding iPhone and works on two prototypes

Following in the footsteps of other mobile phone companies like Samsung, Apple seems to have advanced in its goal of being able to launch a foldable iPhone, something he has been working on for years (in 2017 you already we inform about it), but it seems that now is the best chance of getting ahead. In fact, the company co-founded by Steve Jobs has been known to would work on two prototypes.

Apple prepares for its foldable iPhone

The news comes to us from the technology blog “Tom’s Guide”, whose authors are among the best informed about what goes on behind the scenes in Silicon Valley. According to the information they have published, the American giant would have asked of prototypes of smartphones to Foxconn Chinese, your largest international production partner.

Little is known about the unprecedented iPhone, but the people of the Tom´s Guide blog also publish an image of how this new terminal would be, which you have above although with credits of EverythingApplePro and that was already unveiled in the middle of last year. Despite whether or not the image is closer to how this new terminal could be, the truth is that last week Apple registered a patent for a new product which he described on file as “ultra flexible and can be folded from the inside out.”

It should be remembered that the last iPhones, from the 12 family, were announced in October last year. And of this new wave, the biggest novelty was the iPhone 12 Mini, which, as its name suggests, is the smallest of all iPhones between current and previously launched and, of course, is already the best-selling in the world.

A foldable iPhone like Samsung’s or like Microsoft’s Surface?

He diario chino United Daily News which is the source that quotes «Tom’s Guide», explains that the two prototypes, which at the moment only have the structure and the equipment screen, they have different designs. The first of the models is similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola’s Razr, with a flexible screen that can be folded. The second consists of two screens joined by a hinge, in a similar design to Microsoft’s Surface Duo.

For now, still It is not clear if Apple intends to launch the two foldable iPhones with different designs. or if only would be testing the different models before deciding on a design for the device that they are going to finally launch.

In addition to the rumors coming from the Asian production chain, Apple another registered a new patent, which reveals a hinge which can be used on a flip phone.

As we have mentioned, rumors about the launch of a foldable iPhone have been around for some time. In November last year, rumors revealed that Foxconn was already testing the production of the team that could start to reach the stores in September 2022.

The company whose logo is a world famous apple also reportedly asked the Chinese manufacturer to test equipment hinges, checking if possible open and close it at least 100 thousand times.

Apple is also preparing for the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE3

In addition to working on this more than possible folding iPhone, Apple is also in the process of manufacturing and launching the already announced iPhone 13, which if everything goes according to plan, it will be released in September.

According to recent information, Apple’s iPhone 13 line will consist of four models: a 6.67-inch Pro Max, a 6.06-inch Pro, a 6.06-inch regular phone, and a 5.42-inch “mini” variant. All four models will be equipped with OLED panels, to be supplied by Samsung (SDC) for Pro Max model, LG and BOE for Pro and regular phones, and SDC y LG for the “mini”.

Additional details included in the leaked table about the new device (see below) show whate connectivity 5G and below 6GHz mmWave will be available on the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro, while the other two devices will have to settle for connectivity below 6 GHz 5G. People say that both iPhone 13 Pro phone models will use ProMotion for different refresh rates (120Hz display) and feature triple rear camera and ToF camera setups.

(Image Source: DSCCRoss)

Regarding the Apple iPhone SE 3, it seems that fans of the small size will have to wait until spring 2022 before the third generation SE appears. Apparently it will have a 6.06 inch LCD screen, dual rear camera system and fingerprint sensor. While the iPhone 13 phones will be dealt with with built-in touchscreens based on Samsung’s Y-OCTA technology, the third-generation Apple iPhone SE 3 will have to settle for a touchscreen solution built into its display.

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