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MagSafe is an old magnetic charging standard that Apple incorporated into its MacBooks a few years ago. With the advent of computers with USB-C ports, those in Cupertino forgot about those connectors that at the slightest tug came loose without damaging the cable or the Mac. Now, has become the fastest and easiest way to recover energy with the new iPhone 12.

These MagSafe allow the charging surface to magnetically stick to the terminal, which prevents us from putting it in a bad position and not carrying out the battery refilling process. In addition to those uses, Americans have launched a whole series of wallets, or wallets, in which we can carry identification cards, driving and little else. Especially because with the magnets it uses, if we keep a bank card it is very sure that it will end up erasing.

A new accessory on the way

Now, Bloomberg has been the medium that has unveiled that Apple is preparing a new MagSafe-certified accessory for its iPhone 12 and future iPhone 13, which would come to replace another of the company’s classics: that famous case with battery included that allows increasing the autonomy of the smartphone beyond the hours provided by your own stack.

Apple MagSafe charging connector. Apple

This new MagSafe accessory would be nothing more than a pack battery that could adhere to the phone thanks to the magnets of the system and avoid having to change the case. It does not matter what we are wearing because at any time we can stick that extra battery to recharge the iPhone and, when it is finished, remove it so that it does not bother us.

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The problem with this new accessory is that Major roadblocks seem to have appeared in Apple’s path, especially when putting into practice what was planned. According to the same media, the company has been faced with problems “with the software”, in such a way that this battery overheats excessively, so the Californians have not yet wanted to announce its existence due to the possibility of a potential subsequent withdrawal .

Anyway, there are voices that point out that this battery project with MagSafe could be scrapped in the coming months, If those errors persist and it is not possible to manufacture a safe magnetic battery, capable of sticking to smartphones of 2020 and 2021 without causing damage. Remember that heat does not get along with charging batteries, especially at certain temperatures with the danger of degradation and malfunction that can trigger really dangerous events.


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