Apple publishes three new Apple Watch announcements and sports tracking, sleep tracking and ECG function

Apple has published a series of three new videos talking about the different functionalities related to health that the Apple Watch offers us. All three videos focus on the sports tracking capabilities, sleep monitoring and the ability to take an ECG where and when we want.

The future of health is on your wrist

With this slogan Apple wants to let us know the multiple functions that the Apple Watch can offer us. There are many functions, both developed from software, and with hardware components, which year after year and generation to generation Apple has added to the clock. From the measurement of oxygen in the blood, which is unique to the Apple Watch Series 6, to the detection of falls that reaches up to the Apple Watch Series 3.

In the first announcement, which we can see at the top of this section, Apple tells us about the distance tracking that the Apple Watch is capable of doing in the water. An ad with some pretty impressive effects in which, by surprise, we go from a pool to the open sea, where the Apple Watch can also help us to count our training sessions.

In the following announcement, on these lines, Apple teaches us the sleep tracking function. A feature that records the duration and quality of sleep, as well as the heart rate, and, in the case of the Apple Watch Series 6, even the level of oxygen in the blood.

Finally, the third announcement, which we see below, focuses on electrocardiograms. A function that, as the short film highlights, we can use anywhere, anytime, without any need for specialized machinery. We simply put our finger on the digital crown and wait 30 seconds to see the results, it’s that easy.

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With each new version, both of the software and the hardware of the Apple Watch, the Californian company has improved the benefits focused on the health that the watch offers us. A noticeable and quick change from the first initial focus of the Apple Watch as a luxury and design product. A component that you have not lost, but which, nevertheless, is far from the main thing in this device.

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