Apple releases Safari 14.1 with two security enhancements for macOS Catalina and Mojave

After updating several operating systems just two days ago, Apple has released version 14.1 of Safari for macOS Catalina and Mojave. This update contains the same two security improvements that have reached the rest of the systems, so the update is recommended to all users.

An urgent update

Apple confirms through a support document This new version of Safari for Mac fixes the same two memory corruption and data overflow bugs. An update designed so that older computers can enjoy all the security enhancements available.

The new version of Safari, 14.1, includes the bug fixes from the previous update, also 14.1, which was released on April 26, 2021. To make sure we are using the latest version available it is important that we check the build number. For macOS Catalina it should be 15611., while in macOS Mojave we should see 14611. Remember that we can check the build number by opening a Safari window and touching About Safari on the menu Safari.

Apple, along with presenting the updates a couple of days ago, confirmed that it had found that these vulnerabilities were being exploited, so it is important that we update all our systems as soon as possible. As we have already mentioned many times, updates are of the most vital importance to guarantee the security of our data and our systems.

Apple is known for giving a really quick response to security flaws that are discovered. It is clear that a continuously audited and rapidly updated system, even with backward compatibility with previous versions such as iOS 12.5.1, is the benchmark when it comes to security.

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