Apple seeks engineers for its development

Apple seeks engineers for 6G

Apple was not the first to add 5G to its phones and in fact it could be said that it was the last of the greats to do so. The lack of infrastructure that allows it was joined by a multitude of delays in the development of these chips due to its legal disputes with Qualcomm and the non-compliance of deadlines by Intel, who acquired part of the 5G chip business in the summer of 2019.

There is no rush yet to develop 6G and it probably won’t just rely on Apple, but the company doesn’t want to be left behind at a crucial time when the United States and China are competing for 5G expansion. As reported from Bloomberg, the firm led by Tim Cook is looking for engineers who can work at two locations in Silicon Valley and San Diego. Specifically, the company’s message reads the following:

“You will have the unique and rewarding opportunity to create next-generation wireless technology that will have a profound impact on future Apple products.”

Apple’s job offer offers to be in charge of a research center to develop these technologies that, they insist, will change the world in the next decade. It sounds like science fiction, but analyst Mark Gurman has been able to confirm these job offers. Although it is clear that the main interest that the company has today is focused on 5G

When could the iPhone 6G arrive?

The second smartphone launched by Apple, the iPhone 3G, was precisely the one that launched that connectivity back in 2008. It was not until 2012 that 4G LTE would come from the hand of the iPhone 5 and much more we had to wait for the first iPhone with 5G, which were precisely the ’12’ released just a few months ago. Although these dates that exist between the different Apple connectivity implementations may not mean anything because they are not mathematical, the truth is that they serve as an indication that the telephone network is not changed from one day to the next. Therefore, it could be quite a few years until 6G connectivity reaches the iPhone and other products on the market.

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We remember that the next generation of iPhone, be it 12s or 13, would incorporate improvements in 5G that have not yet been detailed, but that will surely equate all devices in the world without the current differentiation that exists between American models and from other territories. Of course, they would continue to be third-party chips due to the little progress that the company has been able to make its own modem division.

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