Apple snatches the global smartphone throne from Samsung

The iPhone 12 is the first Apple terminal compatible with 5 networks The iPhone 12 is the first Apple terminal compatible with 5G networks

The iPhone maker sold nearly 80 million units between October and December, according to data from the consultancy Gartner. Huawei comes out of the top 4 of the largest sellers due to the impact of the sanctions, something that has not happened since 2013.

According to the Spanish site, Apple closed 2020 as the world’s largest smartphone seller surpassing rival Samsung at the top of the ranking, something that has not happened since 2016, according to the latest data published by the analysis firm Gartner.

In total, the iPhone maker sold almost 80 million phones between October and December, 15% more compared to the same period in 2019, thanks to the pull of its latest launch, the iPhone 12, which went on sale in October and is the brand’s first terminal compatible with 5G networks.

Samsung, meanwhile, sold 62 million units in this period, a 12% less, due to greater competition from Chinese brands, such as Oppo, Xiaomi or Vivo, which cut market share from the South Korean group in the mid-range.

Annette Zimmerman, Apple’s principal analyst at Gartner, said the group’s 15% increase in sales in the fourth quarter showed that the company had benefited from a “super upgrade cycle” triggered by millions of consumers who had expected the new model equipped with 5G, added the aforementioned Spanish site.

According to the study, the new iPhone 12 boosted Apple sales

Huawei sale del top 4

Gartner data also shows the bleeding it suffers Huawei, weighed down for months by United States trade sanctions. The Chinese giant saw its sales fall 41% between October and December, to 34.3 million units sold, and was surpassed in the ranking by its Chinese rivals, Xiaomi and Oppo.

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It’s the first time since 2013, when BlackBerry and Sony still had significant market share, that Huawei hasn’t been among the world’s top four phone makers in a quarter. The group agreed last November to sell its low-end brand Honor to a consortium of more than thirty Chinese companies and investment firms to ensure its survival. A transaction valued at approximately € 12.8 billion, added.

Xiaomi, with 43.4 million terminals sold, and Oppo, with 34.3 million, they shared the third and fourth places. These companies registered advances of 34% and 13%, respectively.

The fourth quarter of 2020 closed with total sales of 384.6 million smartphones, 5% less. In the overall year the fall was more pronounced, 12%, with 1.35 billion terminals sold. Gartner experts attribute this bad data to the spread of Covid-19, which remains rampant in many markets, and the disruption in the global supply chain.


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